WooCommerce All Status and Custom Status with Email Notifications (Addon)

Customize your WooCommerce Order Custom Statuses

This plugin lets you add custom order statuses with email notification to user and admin to WooCommerce. It can be used to create & manage custom order statuses. It enables you to set a custom status to an order based on the Payment medium selected.
It even allows you to send custom emails for each of the new order statuses.


Key features:

Create Custom Order Statuses

Create multiple custom order statuses as needed.

Add custom icons for custom statuses

Add custom icons for each of the new custom statuses.

Send custom emails

Send separate custom emails for each custom order status change.

Set default order status

Set default order status to a custom status for each payment gateway.

Custom Statuses in admin reports

Add custom statuses to be displayed in admin reports.

Custom statuses in bulk actions

Add custom statuses in the bulk actions list in WooCommerce->Orders.

Add custom statuses to action buttons

Add custom statuses to order action buttons in WooCommerce->Orders.

Make custom status orders editable

Make custom status orders editable in WooCommerce->Orders.

This plugin allows you to do the following:



Set custom statuses as default based on order payment medium


Custom Statuses in Action buttons in WooCommerce->Orders

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